Cheapest Universities in Uk for International Students

20 Cheapest Universities In UK For International Students

Acquiring a British degree comes with high prestige, and British students benefit from adequate educational facilities and worldwide recognition. But it’s not everyone who can afford the cost of education in the UK.

This can be attributed to the high cost of tuition fees imposed on local and international students as well as the high cost of living. For example, studying at the University of Oxford will cost over £20,000+ without adding up other expenses that drain students’ finances.

International students will often look out for cheap university options in the UK in other to advance their education. The purpose of this publication is to enlighten people with low budgets on the 20 cheap and affordable universities located in the UK.

Cheapest Universities In UK For International Students

University of the West of Scotland — Starting from £9,250

The University of the West of Scotland is another tertiary institution dedicated to providing adequate education and research services to students. The university has received countless recognition for its excellent research work.

The university is focused on educational development among low-income earners by providing them with low tuition fees. International students can start their academic journey or transfer from an accredited university to undertake career-focused programs at the university.


University of Suffolk — Starting from £10,200

The University of Suffolk is a fast-rising institution that provides good education to students from 85+ countries. It’s a budget-friendly option for studying in the UK.

International students can also discover various scholarship options designed to support students who aspire to reach a milestone in their academics without the need to exhaust so many resources on their education.


Queen Margaret University — Starting from £10,700

Queen Margaret University is a top-rated institution of learning founded in 1875. The university is structured to offer research-based programs to students who will help contribute to future world development.

Over the years, the university has helped improve educational standards and is highly rated by international students who are looking to obtain a British degree. Students will find living and studying conditions near Margaret University affordable and the best alternative to expensive schools.


Leeds Trinity University — Starting from £11,500

Leeds Trinity University is another great option for students looking for efficient education services in the UK. The university is relatively small in land space when compared with other top-rated British universities but on the bright side, it provides a premium learning experience.

Tuition fees start from €11,500 making it one of the cheapest Universities in the UK, however, the university is mostly focused on offering courses relating to social sciences and humanities studies.

International students can also find estimates of living costs, stationeries, etc on the school’s official website while allowing them to formulate a budget before applying to the university.


Wrexham Glyndwr University — Starting from £11,750

This university is a modern-day institution of learning located in Wrexham Wales – a top city in the United Kingdom. It offers degree programs in a wide range of fields, and the institution has earned a top spot among the best universities in the UK

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International students will find the tuition fee relatively fair, and the school is one of the best places to start or advance their academic career. Students can also find diverse employment opportunities relating to their fields of study after completion of their education program in the city.


Buckinghamshire New University — Starting from £12,500

The Buckinghamshire New University is a highly recommended university for international students who want to study in the United Kingdom. Established in 2007, this institution offers comprehensive support to students throughout their academic journey, from the application process and tuition payments to securing accommodation, ensuring a fulfilling and satisfactory study experience.

Students have a wide range of courses to choose from, with the added benefit of course program suggestions for those who haven’t decided yet. International students can also access financial assistance in the form of scholarships offered by the university


University of West London — Starting from £12,750

The University of West London is another top-rated university international students can find in the United Kingdom, that has been recognized for its high teaching quality. Students who select the University of West London benefit from the world-class teaching facilities as well as a friendly environment.

International students can also take advantage of the employment opportunities in West London after completing their studies. The university is remarkably one of the best with a tuition fee starting at €12,750 for undergraduates


University of Sunderland — Starting from £13,000

The University of Sunderland offers a welcoming environment for international students pursuing their studies in the United Kingdom. With ample academic resources and a supportive community, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking to explore British culture while achieving their educational goals.

Notably, 40% of the student population hails from outside the UK, which brings about a diverse and inclusive atmosphere. Students who complete their education at the University of Sunderland will also find employment opportunities in the region.


London Metropolitan University — Starting from £13,200

London Metropolitan University is another university in the United Kingdom that is highly recognized for its teaching techniques and for providing students with a satisfactory experience when they study at the university.

Located in England, London Metropolitan University provides a naturally welcoming environment to all students. The university has received several awards and recognition for its excellent teaching services, research, and supervised fieldwork.

Students can find numerous course programs available in the university that are globally accepted for employment.


The University of Cumbria — Starting from £13,250

The University of Cumbria is one of the best universities in Europe offering a mix of online, and physical classes. Judging from its ranking, the university is one of the best when it comes to offering top-quality education.

Founded in 1822 and well equipped with diverse course programs such as sciences, education, engineering, business, philosophy, language, and many more.

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The tuition fee is relatively cheap, and students will be able to reduce their expenses on transportation if they find accommodation near the University.


University of Bolton — Starting from £13,550

This learning institute is another great option for international students who want to study in the United Kingdom. You can explore a variety of course options in relevant fields of study at the University of Bolton, with tuition fees starting from €13,550.

International students will also benefit from getting to interact and study with people from over 50 countries. An average score on the English proficiency test is required for non-native speakers of the English language.


University of Chester — Starting from £13,950

The University of Chester comes to mind when looking for an affordable university with high standards. The university which was ranked among the top 10 best universities in the 2023 Students Choice Awards provides students with hundreds of courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Due to recent development, there was a recent tuition fee hike at the University of Chester starting at £13,950 for undergraduate students, and £14,000+ for postgraduate and other specialized programs. The university remains one of the cheapest where students can gain admission with an average IELTS test score.


Plymouth University — Starting from £14,250

Explore the University of Plymouth located in a small land area where academic scholars/professionals are groomed in various academic fields of study at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The university accepts students from over 90+ countries and students can enjoy a personalized study experience in the university. They will also find the environment beautiful, and the cost of living is not as high as most big cities.


Teesside University — Starting from £14,250

Teesside University ranks high among highly rated universities in the UK with tuition fees starting from €14,250. The university has recorded notable achievements over the years such as ranking 800/1000 on a global scale and providing on-demand courses. Students can find specialized courses in every area of study for an affordable price.

If you are looking for reasons to select Teesside University, you will be thrilled to discover modern-day courses like artificial intelligence, aviation studies, aerospace engineering, games programming, etc that are high in demand in the labor market. Students can also find regular courses in politics, business, engineering, art, and many more.


University of Bedfordshire — Starting from £14,500

The University of Bedfordshire is located in Bedford, and it’s a top choice for international students looking for cheap and high-quality advanced education. The tuition fee is relatively cheap starting at €14,500 for undergraduates and €14,600+ for advanced studies. Tuition fee price varies for each advanced course program, international students are eligible to receive discounts and scholarships while studying at the university.

An English proficiency test score is a prerequisite for international students with the exception of people who are native English speakers.


Leeds Beckett University — Starting from £14,850

Leeds Beckett University ranks as one of the most affordable universities in the UK for foreign students and was founded in the year 1992. The university is situated in the prestigious city of Leeds, known for its affordability compared to other major cities like London.

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It offers a wide range of courses, including politics, engineering, and business-related programs. Admission is attainable with a decent GPA and a strong IELTS score.


University of Stirling — Starting from £16,400

The University of Stirling stands out as an excellent option for students seeking cost-effective on-campus and virtual degree programs. With its high rankings and a wide array of course offerings, it caters to a diverse range of academic interests.

Whether you’re a language, arts, science, sociology, medical, or engineering student, you can use the search icon on the official website to select courses that match your preferences. The tool was provided to ensure that you quickly find the right program tailored just for you.


Staffordshire University — Starting from £16,750

The Staffordshire is a research-oriented institution of learning in the United Kingdom that offers a wide range of specialized course programs. Staffordshire University is highly ranked and remarkably cheap for an institution of learning located in London.

If you have dreamt of studying in UK with the added bonus of job opportunities in the region, consider Staffordshire University. Keep in mind that you will need to pass an English proficiency test to qualify for admission.


Coventry University — Starting from £16,800

While the University of Sunderland may not be among the top-ranked universities globally, it boasts a notable achievement—the prestigious Queen’s Award. This recognition underscores the university’s commitment to an excellent approach to education.

The university has 3 campuses, the main campus is located in Coventry UK. The university is built to accommodate up to 30,000 students in all of its campuses providing international students with chances to study in the University. The degrees obtained at Coventry University are recognizable by employers around the world.


Ravensbourne University London — Starting from £17,500

This is another affordable university for international students with adequate learning facilities. It is a top choice for students who aspire to study and work in London after graduation, plus the certification received at Ravensbourne University is highly prestigious and globally accredited.

As a student, you will be able to discover a wide range of courses when you opt to study at Ravensbourne University London. Students can also exploit the networking opportunities since the university accepts students from over 90+ countries.


In conclusion, this article has highlighted 20 affordable universities for students dreaming of studying in the UK. You can achieve your academic goals in various locations across the United Kingdom without spending much.

However, the competition rate for cheap Universities in top cities like London is usually high, which is why I recommend you opt for Universities located in small cities. Students can utilize the website portal listed above for further inquiries.

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