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10 Best Medical Schools To Study Medicine In Nigeria

Medicine as a course is arguably the best course in Nigeria and with better career prospects when you are out of school. When you study medicine in a university or any medical school, it can be very rewarding after school in terms of salaries and bonuses – it is also a platform to help people, be respected, and have job satisfaction you may not get elsewhere. However, study and practice will demand a lot, especially your dedication.

As a student who wishes to study medicine in Nigeria, you will spend six years learning all you need to know about Medicine and Surgery. If you gain admission with direct entry, you will only use 5 years to study to become a medical doctor in any college or university.

Applicants who want to gain admission into any college or university that offers Medicine and Surgery Programme as a course must have Five ‘O’ level credit passes in Mathematics, English Language, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry at one or two sittings depending on the Medical School. There may be a waiver in some universities.

Students using Direct Entry (DE) must possess ‘A’ Level passes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Zoology or a Bachelor of Sciences Degree with a second-class upper Division in the medical and other allied health sciences. If you satisfy Direct Entry requirements as advertised by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB), you are also eligible for the medicine and surgery programme.

After, you will need to sit for the Jamb CBT exam and are expected to make the Jamb cut-off mark before proceeding to the school post-exam.


University Of Lagos, otherwise known as Unilag or School of First Choice is one of the most-rated medical schools to study medicine and surgery.

Medicine is a wide course on its own – the University of Lagos has about 11 units which are Gastroenterology and Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Dermatology and Venereology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Nephrology, Clinical Haematology, and Medical Oncology. There are also units of Infectious diseases, intensive care, and many others. Undergraduates once admitted, will be made to go through several series of training in order to become a medical doctor the public can rely on.

As a student of the school, you will be tutored by experienced professors, surgeons and doctors who have in at least one way improved the study of science in Nigeria. The school has already built a legacy that only a few schools will be able to replicate and being a graduate ofUNILAG will no doubt give you certain advantages most schools in Nigeria do not possess.

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Best schools to study medicineObafemi Awolowo University still maintains its prestige as one of the highly-rated tertiary institutions in Nigeria and beyond. Both old and new students are always proud to associate with the school.

As a student who is also looking to secure a certificate from one of the top-ranking universities in Nigeria, you should be looking to study at OAU. It could be better if you are studying for the most coveted course in Nigeria, “Medicine” at the school. However, do not expect it to be smooth, you must be willing to go all the way to pass your Jamb CBT and Post UTME exam after satisfying the ‘O’ level requirements.

The school has lots of experienced professors and professionals to guide you through becoming a medical expert.


Best college to study medicine in nigeriaThe University of Nigeria has developed into one of the most excellent schools in the country. The school has a medical department that offers top-notch medical education to students.

For years, it has guaranteed that medical students get the best teachings in medicine and surgery with the utmost belief that Graduates of the school will be competent to either practice on their own or undertake postgraduate training in local or foreign institutions. They will also have an opportunity to extend their career in any private or government hospital as well as in the Universities or Research Institutes.

Before getting certified to practice as a medical doctor, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka will also work towards ensuring that students of the school adopt standard clinical methods for patients and also be able to evaluate data to provide suitable solutions or advice.


Ahmadu Bello University, a school in the Northern part of Nigeria, is a top-rated higher institution in Nigeria. As a student looking to further his or her education in ABU, you will find most of the best courses in Nigeria including the highly rated course, Medicine.

The vision of the School has always been clear from its inception, which is to become the foremost college of medicine in Nigeria. So far, the school has done a wonderful job, it has been able to provide quality teaching, rich research, and innovative community services which the medical students will find very helpful.

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At the end of your programme, you are expected to be one of the best in the medical field. ABU remains a school that still breeds respect in Nigeria and outside the country, therefore you can be sure to have good career opportunities after your sojourn at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU).


The University Of Ibadan (UI) has always gained massive respect in the country and among international bodies. For years, it has always been in the top 10 best schools in Nigeria, and I am not surprised that it earned a place among the best medical schools in Nigeria.

The faculty of medicine was one of the first faculties created when the school was established in 1948. Despite being old, it has always maintained a high standard of medical education which earned her international recognition. All students who apply to the medical course at UI will greatly benefit from the school’s extensive experience and its unwavering commitment to excellence, making it one of the top institutions in Nigeria.

The demand for places in the University Of Ibadan (UI) has been great and the standard of entrants accepted by the University is high. Therefore, you will need to ensure you come out well in your entrance exam and also satisfy other requirements as directed by the School.


Another school with a devotion to ensuring that Students are provided an environment where they can be competent, assessed, and well-informed about the human body is Lagos State University (LASU).

The College of Medicine has been known for its academic prowess, it is not a surprise to see it as one of the best medical schools in Nigeria. The school will help train and develop Students who are well-prepared to carry out studies for research and self-development. It will also ensure that Medical students of Lagos State University are properly lectured on the importance of holding high ethical standards and values with a view to producing the best minds that will take medical education further.

The department will work with the popular Lagos State University Teaching Hospital as a way of ensuring that medical students learn on the Job. The units under Lagos State University (LASU) are Endocrinology Unit, Neurology Unit, Pulmonary Unit, Gastroenterology Unit, Dermatology Unit, and Cardiology Unit.


Best medical schools to study Medicine

University of Ilorin is inarguable the school with the best academic calendar in Nigeria coupled with their dedication towards ensuring that students are well tutored in the art of medicine.

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The school’s dedication to ensuring that medical students adhere to the highest standards, ethics, and rules governing the practice of medicine is exemplary. The undergraduate will be made to pass several phases which include Medical Students performing systematic physical examination of patients, laboratory investigation, and clinical examination so as to come to a definite conclusion.

Students will benefit from adequate theoretical knowledge and practical exposure that will help them become medical professionals that Nigeria can be proud of.


Another School with top-notch medical facilities is the University of Benin. The school makes use of a series of academic and clinical activities to teach students. Such activities include Medical Grand Rounds, Lectures, Seminars, Teaching Rounds, and many more.

The School of Medicine was established in 1973 and since then, it has become a standard that most medical schools use. Like most medical schools on this list, it makes use of practical exposure and theoretical knowledge to help students understand easily what is being taught.


The University is one of the fastest-growing universities in the Northern side of Nigeria. As a medical student of the school, you will benefit from the experiences of the Management of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.

As there is consistent research towards the continual development in the medical field, Bayero University, Kano has not been left out, as it has taken center stage in rendering its own quota. After the program, you are expected to be familiar with the human body including the diagnosis, treatment, and how to prevent disease.


Schools to study medicine nigeriaDelta State University is also one of the best schools to study Medicine in Nigeria. It is located in Abraka in Delta State.

As an applicant who is determined to have a career in Medicine, the University will provide you with the teachings, various theories, and hands-on experience to prepare you to become a medical specialist.

However, given how competitive the course is, you will need to demonstrate exceptional grades in science subjects and also ensure you come out with flying colors in the school entrance exam. When admitted into the school, you will still need to provide the commitment that will keep you going through the years of training.

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