List of african aviation and aerospace university (AAAU) courses

List of AAAU Courses (Undergraduate & PostGraduate)

The African Aviation & Aerospace University (AAAU) is a Federal University in Nigeria, established in 2023. The university aims to play a significant role in the field of aviation and aerospace education in Africa. The university was founded with the vision of providing specialized training and education in aviation and aerospace-related disciplines, catering to the growing demand for skilled professionals in the industry.

The university offers various programs and courses to prepare students for successful careers in aviation, aerospace engineering, aviation management, and related fields.

Equipped with modern facilities, skilled faculty, and industry collaborations, AAAU is dedicated to delivering top-notch education and training that align with global standards. It aims to establish itself as a premier institution for aviation and aerospace education, research, and innovation. By doing so, AAAU aims to contribute to the growth and progress of the aviation industry not only in Nigeria but also worldwide.

List of African Aviation and Aerospace University (AAAU) Courses

S/NProgrammes Offered
1B. Sc. Aviation Business
2B.Sc. Meteorology
3M.Sc. Air Safety Management
4M.Sc. Air Transport Management
5M.Sc. Applied Meteorology (Agro Meteorology)
6M.Sc. Applied Meteorology (Aviation Meteorology)
7M.Sc. Applied Meteorology (Climate Change Science)
8M.Sc. Applied Meteorology (Hydro Meteorology)
9M.Sc. Applied Meteorology (Synoptic Meteorology

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