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JAMB Subject Combination for Literature in English

Opting for Literature in English is an excellent decision with abundant opportunities for success. This academic path unveils a plethora of career possibilities, making it a worthwhile course to consider.

Whether you’re entering as an O’Level or Direct Entry student, Literature in English welcomes you. For O’Level students, you’ll need to present your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results. Direct Entry students, on the other hand, can apply with qualifications such as National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), or a Bachelor’s degree. It’s crucial to carefully review these requirements before applying to ensure you have everything you need for a smooth application process. Embracing Literature in English not only enriches your understanding of language and literature but also opens doors to diverse and fulfilling career paths.

What is Literature in English?

Literature in English refers to the academic study of written works, including novels, plays, poems, and other forms of literary expression that are created in the English language. This field of study involves the analysis, interpretation, and appreciation of literary texts, as well as the exploration of various literary genres and themes.

Why Should I Study Literature in English as a Course?

Studying Literature in English is a great choice because it allows you to explore and enjoy stories in novels, plays, and poems. It helps you understand different perspectives, enhancing your reading skills and how you think. This course is not just about books; it’s about discovering the diverse world of human experiences and improving your communication skills along the way. It’s a fascinating journey into the art of storytelling.

Note: Please be aware that the requirements listed below may vary in some schools. In such cases, it is recommended to refer to the PDF version of the JAMB Brochure for accurate information.

O’Level Requirements to Study Literature in English

To study Literature in English, you need to have five SSCE credit passes, including Literature in English and English Language.

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Direct Entry Requirements to Study Literature in English

  • Two (2) ‘A’ level passes to include Literature in English and one (1) other Arts subject.
  • National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND) in relevant programmes with either an upper or lower credit respectively.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification with a minimum of Lower Credit.

Jamb Subject Combination for Literature in English

  • English
  • Literature in English
  • One (1) other Arts subject, and another Arts or Social Science subject

Universities that Offer Literature in English

  • ABU: Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  • CHRISTOPHER: Christopher University, Mowe, Ogun State
  • CLIFFORD: Clifford University, Owerrinta, Abia State
  • GREGORY: Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State
  • JABU: Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State
  • JOS: University of Jos, Jos
  • OAU: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
  • PAUL: Paul University, Awka, Anambra State
  • UDU: Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
  • UNIOSUN: Osun State University, Osogbo


Is Literature in English an Arts course?

Yes, Literature in English is an Arts course. In Nigerian Universities offering the course, it falls under the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Can Science Students Study Literature in English?

It would be very difficult for Science Students to have the requirements needed to study Literature in English at the University due to the combination of Arts Subjects that are often required. However, It is a good idea to check with the university or college you are interested in to find out their specific requirements. If you’re thinking about switching from science to arts, talking to academic advisors or the admissions office can provide helpful information. Alternatively, you can always use the Jamb Brochure to check if you are eligible to study the course.

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Can Commercial Students Study Literature in English?

Yes, students from commercial or business backgrounds can also choose to study Literature in English at the university if they meet the criteria. However, the specific requirements might vary depending on the institution. It’s a good idea for students interested in art courses to check the admission requirements of the college or university they want to apply to. Some schools may have additional conditions to help students transition to art courses. So it is advisable to check the school’s website or the Jamb Brochure for more information

What Jobs can I apply for after studying Literature in English?

Studying Literature in English can lead to diverse career opportunities. Some potential job positions include Editor, Content Writer, Teacher/Educator, Journalist, Public Relations Specialist, Librarian, Literary Agent, Copywriter, Social Media Manager, and Research Analyst. These roles leverage the skills developed in literary analysis, critical thinking, and effective communication.

How many years does it take to Study Literature in English?

Getting a Literature in English degree usually takes at least 4 years. But, if you enter through the direct entry program, it might be shorter, usually about 3 years, especially if you start at the 200 Level.

How challenging is it to gain admission to study Literature in English at Nigerian universities?

Getting admission to study Literature in English at Nigerian universities can be tough because many students want to study it, and there are limited spots available. The requirements, like good grades and passing entrance exams, make it even more challenging. It’s important to do well in school, prepare for exams, and understand the specific rules of the university you’re applying to for a better chance of getting in.

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What is the cut-off mark for Literature in English?

If you score at least 140 in the JAMB UTME, you can take the POST UTME exam. This exam is one of the criteria for getting admission to study the course you want at the university.

Note: Understand that the conditions mentioned above might differ in some universities. In such instances, it is advisable to check the PDF version of the JAMB Brochure for precise details. You can also access Jamb Subject Combination for other courses.

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